Ava - 18 Month Update

July 21, 2017

Baby girl is 18 months! She has been learning so much these days...I forget how much kids soak up at this age.
  • Ava is walking around everywhere. She's trying to run, but she's still pretty clumsy.
  • She copies everything Erin does. 
  • She loves to eat fruit, tofu, yogurt, rice, cheese and any smoothie pack (yes..no meat). It's extremely challenging getting her to eat anything else.
  • She's really into playing with baby dolls and buckles.
  • She's always wanting to hold Erin's hand, but Erin doesn't like to. 
  • She doesn't like the ergo. 
  • She's talking a lot. She can say: Dad, apple, bubble, uh-oh, please, thank you and much more (but still no Mom)! She's really loud and yells too.
  • She sleeps well at night and will usually take 1 nap.
  • She's such a funny/goofy kid and she has this cute little crooked smile. She's seriously such a character!
  • She's quite fearless in that she likes to try new things, climb things, etc. without hesitation.
  • The meltdowns have started and shes a screamer.
  • Current fav person: Mom.

Life Lately

July 6, 2017

  • We leave for Tahoe next week.
  • I've got an almost 4 year old!?!
  • The hot weather sucks.
  • Erin attended her first (friend) birthday party. 
  • We all went to Legoland.
  • Ava got baptized. 
  • Girls had a blast at the Discovery Cube in OC.
  • Ken has about a month left in his 30's. 
Can't believe it's already July and that we're now in the last half of the year. Yes, I'm counting down the days till Christmas, because summer really ain't my thang and I am praying/wishing for colder weather. The girls don't seem to mind it though. We recently got them a water table and they love it. We've got a busy summer ahead of us so here's hoping I survive this heat!

Father's Day 2017

June 20, 2017

You can check out last year's video here!

We love you Ken!

Floral Arranging Workshop

June 6, 2017

I got to take a floral arranging workshop this past weekend. My first time! I've been wanting to take a class for quite a while but all the ones I found were a tad bit pricey. The workshop I took was held at Happily Ever Etched in Buena Park. It's a cute little space and they sell tons of cute stuff. They hold different types of workshops (calligraphy, watercolor, paper flowers) each weekend and for really affordable prices. Sarah from Mulberry and Moss taught the floral arranging workshop. The workshop started off with a 45 minute "teaching" portion and the remainder of the time was left for us to arrange the flowers ourselves. I finally got to use a floral foam brick (I love it!). Floral arranging is a type of art and it was so interesting seeing a personality expressed in each arrangement. I learned tons and definitely want to take another workshop!

Mother's Day 2017

May 12, 2017

My fourth year celebrating Mother's Day (as a mom)! Our Mother's day tradition continues, except I got a bit lazy this year and didn't find matching outfits for all of us.

What does being a mom mean to me?
  • Being the last person to eat
  • Eating cold meals
  • Spending all my money on cute kid stuff
  • Sitting in the car while my child naps
  • Sniffing butts and analyzing poop
  • Constantly looking at pictures of my kid(s)
  • Always wearing dirty clothes
  • Wiping snot. All.The.Time.
  • Getting overjoyed when I get to spend time away from the kids, but then miss and want to see them like crazy
  • Showing unconditional love
  • Sacrificing
  • Eating snacks in secret so I don't have to share
  • Believing I can cut my kid's hair and then do a terrible job, but my kid thinks it looks fantastic
  • Getting really into kids shows like "Sophia the First" and googling it so I can catch up
  • Constantly stepping on little toys (darn those shopkins!)
  • Losing all my hair and sporting awkward baby hair
  • Sleeping late is 10pm and sleeping in is 7am.  
  • Striving to becoming a better version of myself for my kids/family
I'm continually learning/changing, and I'm so grateful I get to experience it all. I love my crazy girls. Happy Mother's Day!


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