Mother's Day 2018 (Mommy and Me Tea Time)

May 9, 2018

Had Mommy and Me tea time at the cutest little cafe in Orange County. Got the girls dressed up and dragged Ken along for the ride. Their pre-fixe menu was quite tasty.  They have a handful of juice alternatives for kids which Erin loved and Ava enjoyed all the petite desserts. Oh and tons of spots to take very instagrammable pictures (Too bad the girls were so not cooperative when it came to taking a picture with me).

Location: Morning Lavender Cafe:

One year anniversary (Sweet +Modest Events)

April 3, 2018

Some of you may know, but I started a little event planning/styling business last year. Sweet + Modest Events to be exact. I marked April 2, 2017 as my launch date, so I have officially made it through a year. Hooray! I honestly feel like it's a miracle that people have actually reached out to me because there are SO many talented people in this industry. Definitely had some low points..but quite a few high points too. Here's a little glimpse of what the year looked like for S+M:

Some things I've learned:

  1. Stay true to yourself. Like I mentioned before, there are tons of talented people in this industry. So of course with that comes a lot of comparing. I started S+M with the intention of doing things a specific way, which was, like the name of my business, in a very modest way. My motto in life has always been that simple and sweet can go a long way. I definitely want to challenge myself, but I also want to stay true to my motto. There will always be cooler things and more beautiful set-ups, but I don't want that to be my motivation.
  2. Plan ahead/prioritize. With two little ones, there had to be a lot of planning ahead. You never know what surprises will come up (i.e, sickness) which might suddenly monopolize all your time.
  3. It's ok to say no. I think with the pressure of starting a new business, you want everything and anything. But it's definitely ok to say no. The added pressure and stress isn't worth it.
  4. Document everything. Take pictures of everything you work on. It's amazing how much change/progress you can see as the months go by. I mainly documented all the flower arrangements I made. See photo below (top was from September last year and bottom was from March this year). There is such a difference in depths/shape and usage of greenery. Still got tons to improve/learn and grow!

As for the future, I haven't actually thought that far. I don't think I really thought about anything except the now when I first started this. So maybe I should sit down and really think about where I see myself in a few years. The year was definitely enjoyable but it was also very challenging. I still have two young kids and a full-time job, so it did often cause extra stress and this stuff can seriously take up a lot of your time. Maybe it'll get easier as the kids get older or maybe it'll get easier with time and I'll have mastered the art of juggling things. We'll just have to see. But a big shout out to those who have hired me, encouraged me, helped me set-up, watched my kids...You all rock, thank you!


March 21, 2018

It's been a rough couple of weeks. With Ava's sleep transition, I'm no longer getting a full nights rest and daylight savings did not help. I think it took me a whole week to adjust to the time change. Ew.

Some highlights:
1. We registered Erin for Kindergarten. We'll be saving some money this fall (score!).
2. Ava is the worst sleeping partner. She kicks you; pulls your hair; sleeps on your arms, stomach and legs. This girl is all over the place and it ain't cute.
3. The girls saw Dumbo for the first time and they loved it. It's on repeat in our car.
4. We finally finalized our vacation plans for the summer. Decided to go with a road/camping trip in early June. Heading over to Arizona (Grand Canyon/Antelope Canyon) for a couple nights of camping and then finishing off our trip with a few nights in Las Vegas. Hoping it won't be too hot.

I leave you with some photos from an impromptu session (the girls were so obedient!):

Current Parenting Challenge: Shared room

March 1, 2018

We recently moved Ava over to Erin's room. I intended to make this change later this year, but we had to make the transition earlier than expected. Ava has always been our good sleeper. We never had to sleep train her. She went to bed with no issues each night, but that changed a few weeks ago. I blame the flu. She got sick and stayed home all week and it threw off her sleeping habits. She'd take her naps on the couch, our bed, Erin's bed, everywhere but her crib and once she felt better, she refused to sleep in her crib. She actually started to climb out for the first time. So that's when we decided to make the move.

We turned Ava's old room into a play/work room and now Ava and Erin are sharing a room. They have a bunk bed, but they both prefer sleeping together on the bottom bed. The challenge now is that we've had to adjust both the girls' bedtimes. Erin usually goes to bed around 9:00 p.m. and Ava would go down around 7:30-8:00 p.m. Now that they're sharing a room, Ava refuses to sleep at a different time so we had to make their bedtime 8:30 p.m., which is now early for Erin and late for Ava. Oh and Erin still needs someone there with her till she falls asleep. I was hoping that with Ava in the picture now Erin wouldn't need someone there with her, but she still does and now Ava wants it too.

Each night so far has been different. One night it took them over an hour to fall asleep. I could see them giggling to each other and bothering each other (mostly Ava poking/touching Erin). Some nights they would knock out within minutes. A few nights both girls woke up and came into our bedroom so we had everyone in the bed. Another night, Erin woke up in the middle of the night and came to our room and on another night, Ava woke up and came to our room. There have been a few good nights where both girls slept in their room all night long. But one thing that has been consistent since the change is their morning wake up time. We used to have to wake up our girls every morning (usually around 6:45-7:00 a.m.), but now they're both awake just before 6:30 a.m. So many changes!

I'm just hoping/praying that after a few more weeks of adjusting to each other and their new environment: (1) we will once again have consistency, (2) they will no longer need one of us to stay with them till they fall asleep, and (3) there will be no more kids coming into our bed during the night. Fun times at the Kim Residence! But I must's the cutest seeing the girls sleep together!

Goals for 2018

February 21, 2018

  1. Take the girls bowling and ice skating. Just randomly thought of this. I think the girls would really enjoy bowling and I just want to see what they think about ice skating. I'm positive Erin will freak out, but you never know!
  2. Road trip with the new minivan. I said goodbye to my car of 9 years and got myself a minivan. I do like the sliding doors and DVD player. Tons more room to work with too. We're hoping to take a little road trip over to Arizona and/or Utah.
  3. Workout. This has been my goal every year since having Erin. But I think I've gotten lazier each year. hah. I actually signed up for a 7 week boot camp (starting March). I'll have to keep you all updated on how that goes and hopefully I can maintain some sort of workout schedule thereafter.
  4. Visit Knott's Berry Farm. I think both girls are a good age for Knott's and hey.. it's not too expensive! Can't remember the last time I've been there.
  5. Remodel master bathroom. We've been setting aside money for remodeling our master bath. Hopefully we get that started and finished before the year is over.
  6. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Ken has zero desire to go with me so I'll have to round up some peeps who do want to go. I want me some butter beer and maybe grab myself a wand.  
  7. Swim lessons for the girls during the summer.
  8. Potty train Ava. We started potty training Erin as soon as she turned 3. We tried earlier with her, but she wasn't ready. We'll see how Ava does. Shooting for April-May.
  9. Bake more. I've got a nice mixer and I haven't used it much. I do enjoy baking so I hope I get into it more this year.
  10. Read to the girls more. We read to Erin a lot when she was younger. But I realized that we haven't been reading much to the girls these days. We recently started "The Princess in Black" series with Erin. She seems to really like it. We read about 2 chapters before bed. Since Ava is much younger, we just have her pick out a book or two for us to read.  Hopefully this continues throughout the year. Oh and we should visit our local library and rent some books. 
    Lets see how this year goes! 


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