1 Year Update - Ava

January 18, 2017

Ava is 1! It's crazy how fast this first year with Ava went. It's been such a joy being her mommy thus far. Quite a different experience this second time around. A lot of my favorite moments with her have been based around nursing and eating. Food is definitely the way to her heart. She seriously has such satisfaction and delight when it comes to eating and I love seeing my baby well fed and happy. She has become quite the sassy/feisty girl, with her already giving us the cold shoulder and her yelling all the time. She's actually really loud. She's always demanding we open things for her and you'll often find her trying to snatch food out of her Erin's hand. The way she interacts with Erin just melts my heart. They're the cutest together and I'm so thankful they have each other! She's already getting frustrated and will swat/hit our hands to show us she's upset.  She loves shaking her head "no" now all the time too. She'll go from pretending to be sad to pretending to laugh in a split second. Such a funny one. But, she's also the sweetest and her constant smiling just brightens up my day. Can't wait to see what kind of person Ava blossoms into. I have a feeling she'll be keeping us on our toes!

Fun Facts:
  • She currently has 4 teeth.
  • She has a bad case of FOMO. Girl wants to see everything and be everywhere. 
  • She's eating tons of different kinds of foods, but is now starting to develop preferences. She still eats a lot though.
  • She doesn't like eggs.
  • She's a huge copycat.
  • She's finally crawling around, but not walking yet.
  • She loves to stand and is now starting to cruise.
  • She shakes her head "no" and fake cries.
  • She loves bath time and splashing around.
  • She loves music and dancing.
  • She'll flip out when you take food away from her. Probably one of the few times you'll see her cry real tears.
  • She says dada and mommy.  
  • She dropped a nap and is down to two.
  • She is never still, always on the move or trying to be.
  • She's a pain to hold because she's either standing on your stomach or trying to twist around and get away.
  • She likes to open/close things and put things in and out of stuff.
  • She's still waking up once around 10:30.
  • We're ending our breastfeeding relationship this week and we'll start her on cow's milk shortly.
Stats: (will update after her 1 year appointment next week)

Here's the slideshow we made for her first birthday party. (I made the entire thing on my iPhone!).


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