September 24, 2015

Some random thoughts about life lately:
  • This pregnancy is flying by! I'm already 23 weeks. 
  • Can't believe it's almost October (the holidays are almost here...eeeeppp!). 
  • Erin talks ALL the time now (it's cute right now, but we'll if I feel the same in a few months).
  • We've finally picked out a name for baby #2 (Starts with an A) (and's not Aaron or Arin).
  • Our Disneyland pass expires next month and we aren't renewing (saddest thing ever). 
  • It's finally fall, so I'm praying for cooler weather.
  • It's Pumpkin, pumpkin pumpkin time! 

Red, Green and White Bridal Shower

September 17, 2015

A few girls and I threw a little bridal shower for my BFF a few weeks ago. She's getting married in less than 2 months!

Some details from the event:
Venue: Zinc Cafe in Downtown, LA
Flowers: Flower District
Cake: Merely Sweets
Invitations and Menu/Advice Cards: Grace Kim
Picture frames: IKEA
Monogrammed Mugs: Anthropologie
Mini Canvas and easels: Amazon and Hobby Lobby

I've recently discovered eucalyptus trees and I absolutely love them. There are so many different types of eucalyptus trees, but I especially like the "silver dollar". The leaves are great as fillers and for decorating. They don't cost much at all either. I bought some specifically to use as a banner for our cake display. These banners are super easy to make and it adds a nice touch of color to the wall. I chose most of the color palate based on the colors of the venue. I loved that the venue had wood tables because the dark red roses and green leaves went perfectly with them (Esther happened to match the color scheme). Zinc Cafe is a great place to hold events for 20-25 people (its vegan). You get a private room and the food is yummy too. In terms of games/activities, we didn't really have too many. I wanted to keep it simple so we just had one activity. Both the bride-to-be and her fiance are artists so I incorporated that into the shower. We had guests draw on canvas' and had Esther choose her favorite. The canvas drawings turned out great!

Gender Reveal!

September 9, 2015

It's time, it's time!! We found out yesterday what the gender of baby #2 will be!

Check out the video to see our reactions to the reveal (look specifically at Ken).

Erin's going to have a little sister! I think it's safe to say that Ken was a little shocked, maybe disappointed. He was pretty positive he was going to see blue balloons. Poor guy. Ken will be completely outnumbered now. It's ok, we're all going to love having another girl in the family! Now, there's more hope of me having a third child like I've been wanting (hopefully it'll be a boy, because Ken will really cry then).


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