100 days of Ava

April 28, 2016

We celebrated Ava's 100th day this past weekend. Baby girl is getting so big and look at all her hair! Here are a few pictures:

3 Month Update - Ava

April 20, 2016

Just a quick little update on my little dumpling!
  • Still not napping well. It's a battle getting her to take a nap longer than 45 minutes. 
  • She likes to bury her face into blankets or anything near her face when shes sleeping. I think she finds it comforting.
  • She's still eating well. She's about 13 lbs now. 
  • She smiles all the time. Still waiting to hear a little laugh from her. 
  • She's not as gassy anymore. I can tell the gas has subsided because she's not grunting anymore and she's not as noisy when she sleeps.
  • She is talking SO much. Nursing sessions take longer now because shes always taking multiple breaks to stop, stare and babble to me. I guess its kinda cute.
  • There are many nights during a week she becomes a crazy person. Once the sun goes down she gets real fussy and cries a lot. Don't know why she has nights like that, but I'm just glad/thankful its not everyday. 
  • She isn't taking the bottle 100% of the time. There are times she'll cry bloody murder and other times she drinks it right up. Silly.
  • She's sucking on everything. It has begun. 
  • Her hobbies include: staring at her fist and swatting at everything and anything.
  • She's pooping at least once a day now.
  • Shes such a light sleeper. Any little sound will wake her for good. Not kool. 
  • She started sleeping 6-7 hr stretches a week ago. She even slept through the night..once! Score!
I have less than two weeks left of maternity leave. As tiring as it has been, I'm going to miss seeing her chubby face all day long. I must savor these last few weeks with my little baby!

32 Month Update - Erin

April 11, 2016

Erin will be 3 in just 4 months. Crazy. She has grown so much these last few months. She's not our little girl anymore, she's a big girl now (like she always reminds us). Some highlights I'd like share:
  • She's saying "no" all the time, which makes her a really bad listener.
  • She's asking "why" all the time now.  
  • She's not potty trained yet and I feel like its going to be quite a challenge getting there.
  • She has been eating really well. Sometimes she eats as much as me!
  • She likes her veggies again, especially broccoli. 
  • She loves to sing. She remembers all the songs she hears, like the songs on the radio while we're in the car. When she hears the song uptown funk, shake it off, fight song..she says.."remember that song??"
  • She even makes up her own songs..."becauseeeee...I took off my socks...because becausee...i'm a big girl noww"
  • She's still obsessed with batman. Thinking about just giving her a batman themed birthday party this year. 
  • She enjoys cleaning, playing with her dolls, playing in her kitchen and putting diapers on all her dolls.
  • When we share food she always starts off by telling me "Don't eat it all, ok??".
  • She can recognize a third of the alphabet and almost all the numbers and shapes.
  • She picks up on everything we say now. She called Ken "Ken", says "what the heck" and "kool".
  • Went to the dentist in March for the first time and she had no cavities and didn't cry!
  • She remembers everything you say to her. Can't make promises hoping she'll forget..because she will not forget. Hah.
  • She loves giving kisses and hugs to her little sis. (Erin has been awesome since Ava arrived)
  • She is starting to get adventurous and wanders off on her own now. 
  • She is finally getting out of her bed on her own now. She would always wait for us to get her when she woke up, but now she can open the door, so she gets out by herself.
  • She really likes the show Clifford right now.
  • We cut her hair for the first time.


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