Erin - 4 Year Update!

August 11, 2017

Erin is 4! How in the world is she 4 already?! I think she was very excited about the idea of turning 4. It was the first year she actually asked about her birthday. So sad to see that my once little baby is a big girl now, but I do love this stage too. She's so funny and sweet..I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for her.
  • She's a talking/singing machine. We can actually have long conversations now, which is a good and bad thing. I need to be careful what I say to her now because she remembers everything and she repeats everything she hears.
  • The Moana soundtrack is on repeat.
  • She eats decently but still doesn't eat a whole lot. She still prefers Asian food.
  • She started gymnastics at the beginning of the year and she loves it.
  • She loves going on planes, trains, buses. It seems like she enjoys traveling.
  • Her favorite TV shows: PJ Masks, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
  • A few of her good friends at school: Charlotte, Devyn and Abigail.
  • She has one more year of preschool and she'll start Kindergarten next fall.
  • She loves the water/swimming.
  • There has been a lot of attitude and whining lately.
  • She likes coloring, drawing and writing. She can draw people and trees now!
  • Recently she has been picking out her own clothes. She'll pick them out the night before and she'll usually insist on changing herself.
  • She's def. a girly girl. Not sure where she learned it from, but she's into jewelry, purses, dresses, dolls, etc.  
  • She likes to make people laugh. She's always acting goofy and saying silly things to try and get us to laugh. 
  • Erin and Ava get along about 80% of the time and they can be so sweet together. But the other 20% are spent crying/screaming because neither of them are good at sharing and both are too stubborn to give in. 
Friend: Abigail, Devyn and Zoey
Book: Clifford
Restaurant: McDonalds
Store: Target

Lake Tahoe 2017

August 2, 2017

We survived! We took the girls to Lake Tahoe last month. We camped for two nights and lodged for two nights. My last experience camping was when Erin was 11 months and it wasn't all too positive, so naturally I was hesitant to take two toddlers on this week long trip. The girls did great on the drive up. We left at 10:00pm so they slept for most of the 8.5 hour drive. Mad props to Ken for driving the entire time!

Ava is our good sleeper, but only when she's in her own room and by herself. I was most concerned about how she'd sleep, but she actually ended up sleeping pretty decently minus one night. No sleeping issues with Erin. She probably loved that we all were sleeping together (she prefers sleeping with people). The kids played with dirt, sand and water all week, which meant they were pretty much filthy the entire time we were there. That was probably the most challenging part on my end (my inner clean freak was flipping out). They had sap all over them, sand in their hair (and plenty of other places), had black finger nails, and so on. But the girls loved it. Hah. I loved that they wandered off exploring, playing with nature and just spent most of the week outdoors. Oh and the weather was perfect! The lodging portion would've been fine had we not discovered a bat living in our rental. We spent almost 2 hours trying to get rid of the bat. We ended up finding another place to sleep the last night of our trip.

Overall the trip turned out well. We had some days with super cranky, overly tired kids. Plenty of meltdowns and a super clingy Ava, but I could tell the girls enjoyed it, especially Erin. Erin was the perfect age. She had tons of fun running around with the other kids and she even hiked a whole mile on her own! As for me, I'm not a huge beach person, and most of the time there was spent at the beach (which makes sense) but I'd def. want to do some other outdoor activities if we were to go again. Maybe some rock climbing, boating or even mountain biking? I wouldn't object to going back in a few years when Ava is older. This way both girls can join in on the activities and there will be less naps to worry about.

An important tip for a smooth camping experience with toddlers:
  1. Bring snacks - lots of them!
I just have the one tip, but it's a very important one! Camping usually means mealtimes will be delayed. I brought 3 big bags full of snacks and the girls finished most of it. Ava is a pretty picky so I knew she wouldn't eat 80% of the food there, so I brought things I knew she'd eat. Her diet that week consisted of yogurt, cheese, fruit, rice and tofu. Erin didn't eat a ton, but at least she's not as picky. Goodness, will my children ever be good eaters?!

A few photos from our trip:


Ava - 18 Month Update

July 21, 2017

Baby girl is 18 months! She has been learning so much these days...I forget how much kids soak up at this age.
  • Ava is walking around everywhere. She's trying to run, but she's still pretty clumsy.
  • She copies everything Erin does. 
  • She loves to eat fruit, tofu, yogurt, rice, cheese and any smoothie pack ( meat). It's extremely challenging getting her to eat anything else.
  • She's really into playing with baby dolls and buckles.
  • She's always wanting to hold Erin's hand, but Erin doesn't like to. 
  • She doesn't like the ergo. 
  • She's talking a lot. She can say: Dad, apple, bubble, uh-oh, please, thank you and much more (but still no Mom)! She's really loud and yells too.
  • She sleeps well at night and will usually take 1 nap.
  • She's such a funny/goofy kid and she has this cute little crooked smile. She's seriously such a character!
  • She's quite fearless in that she likes to try new things, climb things, etc. without hesitation.
  • The meltdowns have started and shes a screamer.
  • Current fav person: Mom.

Life Lately

July 6, 2017

  • We leave for Tahoe next week.
  • I've got an almost 4 year old!?!
  • The hot weather sucks.
  • Erin attended her first (friend) birthday party. 
  • We all went to Legoland.
  • Ava got baptized. 
  • Girls had a blast at the Discovery Cube in OC.
  • Ken has about a month left in his 30's. 
Can't believe it's already July and that we're now in the last half of the year. Yes, I'm counting down the days till Christmas, because summer really ain't my thang and I am praying/wishing for colder weather. The girls don't seem to mind it though. We recently got them a water table and they love it. We've got a busy summer ahead of us so here's hoping I survive this heat!

Father's Day 2017

June 20, 2017

You can check out last year's video here!

We love you Ken!

Floral Arranging Workshop

June 6, 2017

I got to take a floral arranging workshop this past weekend. My first time! I've been wanting to take a class for quite a while but all the ones I found were a tad bit pricey. The workshop I took was held at Happily Ever Etched in Buena Park. It's a cute little space and they sell tons of cute stuff. They hold different types of workshops (calligraphy, watercolor, paper flowers) each weekend and for really affordable prices. Sarah from Mulberry and Moss taught the floral arranging workshop. The workshop started off with a 45 minute "teaching" portion and the remainder of the time was left for us to arrange the flowers ourselves. I finally got to use a floral foam brick (I love it!). Floral arranging is a type of art and it was so interesting seeing a personality expressed in each arrangement. I learned tons and definitely want to take another workshop!

Mother's Day 2017

May 12, 2017

My fourth year celebrating Mother's Day (as a mom)! Our Mother's day tradition continues, except I got a bit lazy this year and didn't find matching outfits for all of us.

What does being a mom mean to me?
  • Being the last person to eat
  • Eating cold meals
  • Spending all my money on cute kid stuff
  • Sitting in the car while my child naps
  • Sniffing butts and analyzing poop
  • Constantly looking at pictures of my kid(s)
  • Always wearing dirty clothes
  • Wiping snot. All.The.Time.
  • Getting overjoyed when I get to spend time away from the kids, but then miss and want to see them like crazy
  • Showing unconditional love
  • Sacrificing
  • Eating snacks in secret so I don't have to share
  • Believing I can cut my kid's hair and then do a terrible job, but my kid thinks it looks fantastic
  • Getting really into kids shows like "Sophia the First" and googling it so I can catch up
  • Constantly stepping on little toys (darn those shopkins!)
  • Losing all my hair and sporting awkward baby hair
  • Sleeping late is 10pm and sleeping in is 7am.  
  • Striving to becoming a better version of myself for my kids/family
I'm continually learning/changing, and I'm so grateful I get to experience it all. I love my crazy girls. Happy Mother's Day!


May 2, 2017

We took a 4 day family trip to Colorado a few weeks ago. I've never been and since we had a handful of friends over there, we thought it'd be a nice little trip to take.
  • They call Denver the mile high city. Did not know that. 
  • It often snows in April. Did not know that. 
  • It can get very windy. Did not know that. 
I'd like to start off my stating that I did not pack correctly. It snowed about 2 of the 4 days we were there and the wind was insane. Not having packed enough clothes, we couldn't stay outdoors for too long. The kids just stayed covered up in the stroller. But...we did manage to stop by a few key spots:
  • Manitou Cliff Dwellings
  • Garden of the Gods
  • Air Force Academy
  • Capital Hill in Downtown
As for food, tons of breakfast/brunch places to choose from, but not so much lunch and/or dinner. We had some decent sushi one night but the highlight of the trip was definitely our morning meals. I highly recommend One Fold (get the Vietnamese iced coffee and breakfast burrito) and Snooze (the Benny Duo and Cinnamon Roll Pancake is a must). Apparently they opened up a Snooze here in orange county. Definitely got to check it out. Oh and ice cream at Sweet Cow is super yummy!

Overall the trip turned out well. It's always hard traveling with young ones. There's the packing of a million things, making sure they're well napped, well fed, well entertained, etc. I often ask myself why we even attempt to travel with the girls when they most likely won't remember any of it. There's also all that extra suffering. But, I see how much joy Erin has whenever we board a plane and how excited she gets when she sees we get to share a bed, it just puts a huge smile on my face. The girl seriously enjoys traveling. We may suffer, but there are tons of benefits to traveling with kids and I think its good for the girls. The trip was harder for little Ava. She did well on the flight to CO considering we dragged her out of bed at 5am. She was a bit cranky each day, but she had fun walking around and exploring. We slept at a different place each night, so sleep was our biggest challenge with her.

Unfortunately, our trip didn't end on the best note. Ava ended up screaming the last 30 minutes of the flight, thrashing around trying to jump out of my arms. We still aren't sure if it had to with the ear pressure from the trip/flight or whether she was just dang tired of being on the plane. We were that family with that kid. Sorry folks of Southwest Flight 700. We owe you.

Life Lately

March 31, 2017

Can't believe it's spring already. Cold weather is leaving (I'm not very happy about this) and lots of sunshine is coming our way. Some quick updates of the Kim family:
  • Ken: He finally chose a logo for his photography business. Check it out here!
  • Grace: I've made the steps of starting a business. It has been a struggle...with feeling insecure and inadequate, but I've opened the doors to putting myself out there. If you want to learn more, check it out here. We'll see what comes of it! Oh and I've been making my own iced vanilla coffee at work, which means I'm saving tons of money!
  • Erin: She can write her name and can draw people now!
  • Ava: Not walking yet, but shes standing, crawling and climbing everywhere. Oh and tantrums have already started. AHH.
We're heading over to Colorado next month. Our second trip as a family of four! I'll be sharing our CO experience, so stay tuned!

Dear Future Me

March 17, 2017

Thought I'd start a little series of random thoughts/goals directed to future me. It'll be fun looking back at these posts and see what I can check off.


Dear Future Me (5+ years from now),

I'm sure a Disneyland pass is like a trillion dollars now, but I hope you've convinced Ken to get them for the family or at least got to go a few times? I bet there are tons of new crazy, kool rides!

You said you'd start running and exercising. I hope you got back some of your muscle mass and aren't huffing and puffing anymore going up and down the stairs.

Did baby #3 happen??

Erin best not have her own phone or whatever new electronic device there might be that people are completely fixated on.

Where have you traveled so far? Iceland, Korea, Japan, Sweden, all of the above??

You really really enjoy watching movies and I'm sure that hasn't changed, so I hope you've tried to go out and see at least 2 movies a year.

Hope you're telling your girls you love them a lot. I'm sure they've grown to become incredible little humans.

How's mom doing? Hopefully she has retired by now.

Also, both you and Ken work hard so please tell me you've taken a vacation sans kids. If not, go now.

With Love,

Your younger, not so put together, out of shape self

Must remember them like little and just so darn cute!


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