Beat the Heat

March 18, 2015

It’s technically still winter right? I can’t believe how hot this winter has been. I actually really dislike hot weather. I’d definitely choose cold weather over hot. This “winter” has not been a good one for me. I was looking forward to rainy, cold days, but I got a lot of hot, dry days. UGH. So how do we beat this heat? We swim! I actually don’t really like the water (Hah, I guess I don’t like a lot of things). I’m more of a land person (Ken is the same). But with Erin in the picture now, I want to like water. I really want Erin to love the water and hopefully she’ll be a good swimmer. Once summer starts drawing closer and the weather remains warm, we’ll most likely enroll Erin in some parent and me swim classes. Hopefully our family will start loving the water!

1. H&M 2. Boden 3. Tucker + Tate 4. Old Navy Flip-flops 5. Crocs 6. Native 7. Target Floppy Hat 8. Old Navy Sun Hat
Kids swimwear is the cutest. I’m not a big two-piece swim suit kind of person (for kids specifically), but I’ll put the rash guard type of suits on Erin. Love Tucker + Tate swimsuits!

We went to the pool this past weekend. Erin was super excited to try out her new floaties. She didn’t like them too much once we put her in the water.

That’s a whole lot of pink. I tried avoiding all things pink as long as I could. Didn’t last long.

She didn’t like the water too much. She barely kicked her legs or moved her body at all. She had more fun sitting and watching the people in the water. I’m sure she’ll learn to love the water in no time.



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