Last Year Left in my Twenties

November 18, 2015

Only one year left in my twenties! Crazy that I'm 29 now (I'd be getting a death stare from my husband right about now). My birthday weekend had a lot of hiccups, with a kid getting sick and me not feeling all that well either (I didn't get to eat at my favorite prime rib place!). These pictures pretty much sum it all up.

  • Erin got some sort of stomach bug so she spent a lot of time on the potty. Poor thing. 
  • I got thrown up on (while eating at Souplantation), wish I got a picture of it. 
  • She kept asking for milk and food, but we couldn't give her any. So sad.
  • She finally started feeling better on Sunday, so we made our way over to Din Tai Fung for dinner. She ate like a crazy woman, scarfing down everything and anything.
  • We celebrated my actual birthday at CPK. Erin was SO happy to be able to eat ice cream again, she practically ate the entire birthday sundae herself. 
  • Erin sorta sang the Happy Birthday song to me. 
  • My birthday ended with Erin's first bathtub poop. We were lucky this happened when she wasn't sick anymore and that it was a nice solid piece. Imagine if it wasn't?! 

Bring on year 29! Hoooray!

1 comment:

  1. bahaha that piece of poop in the bathtub. and YAY to 29! My 29 was amazing and I hope yours is too! <3



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