2 Month Update - Ava

March 18, 2016

I wouldn't say Ava is an easy baby. I hear often that your second child will most likely be easier than your first. That's not really the case here. Erin and Ava are so different and I wouldn't say either of them were/are easy. Both have given me challenges in different ways, but both were also pretty mellow in their own way.

Height: 22 inches - 48 %
Weight: 11 lbs 9 oz  - 64 % (almost double her birth weight!)

Ava has been sleeping decently at night, with the exception of a few nights of constant feedings. She wakes up 2 times on average, once between 1-2:00 am and once around 4:00 am. Her bedtime is pretty late though. I start putting her down around 7:30 pm, but it takes a few tries before she actually knocks out for the night and that's usually around 8:30-9:00 pm. With her sleeping later, she has a somewhat late morning wake up time. She'll be up around 7-7:30 am and most mornings she'll go down for another short nap after I nurse her.

Her naps are another story. They've been the most challenging for me thus far. They haven't been consistent these last few weeks. She takes her naps at a handful of locations (anywhere but her crib). She'll usually have one nice long nap in the morning and a couple shorter ones throughout the day. She likes to sleep in my arms so it can get physically tiring. Some days I'm just holding her all day and she ain't a tiny infant no more. She also prefers sleeping on her side or tummy.

She seems to be eating well. Almost doubled her birth weight! I nurse her every 3 hours during the day. Sometimes she can go 4 hours before a feeding. We introduced the bottle after she turned 1 month. She doesn't seem to be having issues with it so far. This was a problem we had with Erin. Erin refused the bottle and that made things quite challenging, i.e. when I wanted to go out for long periods of time without her. We're glad Ava is taking the bottle well. One thing I noticed about Ava is that she spits up quite often. Believe it or not, Erin rarely spit it. Maybe only a handful of times the first year. Ava is quite the opposite. I need to keep her up right for a little while after each feeding otherwise I'm left with a mess. Sometimes she overeats and just spits everything back out and just looks at me with a big smile. Silly kid.

  • Ava had some bad acne around 5 weeks and its finally almost all gone. She also had a mild case of cradle cap. I just put some coconut oil on her daily for a few weeks. 
  • She has outgrown her 0-3 size clothing and has moved on to size 3-6. 
  • She's a very noisy child! I think a lot of her grunting has to do with gas (she is such a gassy child). Some nights I can hear her grunting and squirming around for hours (poor thing). 
  • Ava has maybe 1 poopoo diaper a day, which is so weird to me because at this age Erin was pooping at least 3-4 times a day. Sometimes Ava will go a day or two without pooping. Weird.
  • She is smiling so much and is "talking" often. She has the cutest voice! 
  • She definitely loves having human interaction and having someone near her..like always. Hah. 
  • She likes it when I sing to her (believe it or not it puts her to sleep) and surprisingly saying "shh shhh" over and over puts her to sleep.
  • She makes intense eye contact these days. Intense.
  • She also makes the best sad face..quivering lips and everything. And her "sad" cries are just so precious. 
  • She enjoys bath time, dislikes being cold, enjoys getting kisses and loves watching her sister. 

Ava's getting so big! I'm excited for when she's big enough to play with Erin! I'm sure Erin can't wait either!

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