3 Month Update - Ava

April 20, 2016

Just a quick little update on my little dumpling!
  • Still not napping well. It's a battle getting her to take a nap longer than 45 minutes. 
  • She likes to bury her face into blankets or anything near her face when shes sleeping. I think she finds it comforting.
  • She's still eating well. She's about 13 lbs now. 
  • She smiles all the time. Still waiting to hear a little laugh from her. 
  • She's not as gassy anymore. I can tell the gas has subsided because she's not grunting anymore and she's not as noisy when she sleeps.
  • She is talking SO much. Nursing sessions take longer now because shes always taking multiple breaks to stop, stare and babble to me. I guess its kinda cute.
  • There are many nights during a week she becomes a crazy person. Once the sun goes down she gets real fussy and cries a lot. Don't know why she has nights like that, but I'm just glad/thankful its not everyday. 
  • She isn't taking the bottle 100% of the time. There are times she'll cry bloody murder and other times she drinks it right up. Silly.
  • She's sucking on everything. It has begun. 
  • Her hobbies include: staring at her fist and swatting at everything and anything.
  • She's pooping at least once a day now.
  • Shes such a light sleeper. Any little sound will wake her for good. Not kool. 
  • She started sleeping 6-7 hr stretches a week ago. She even slept through the night..once! Score!
I have less than two weeks left of maternity leave. As tiring as it has been, I'm going to miss seeing her chubby face all day long. I must savor these last few weeks with my little baby!

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