Erin is Three!

August 12, 2016

I can't believe I have a 3 year old! My goodness, it's amazing how slow and how fast these 3 years have gone by. It's been such a joy watching Erin grow up. She's such an amazing little girl with tons of personality. She's got a whole bunch of sass and attitude, but she's also so affectionate and sweet. Currently, she's not the best listener and her stubbornness is like a 7.5/10, but I'm sure its just a phase (hopefully). She may not be the most outgoing or adventurous, but she's quite the observer and that makes her so thoughtful and helpful. Love her so much!

Some highlights:
  • She's deathly afraid of bugs now. Like she'll collapse onto the floor and scream at the top of her lungs.
  • She's a terrible listener and says no all the time. She has the whole ignoring thing down, avoiding eye contact. We started time-outs.
  • She hasn't been the best eater the last few months. Sometimes her lunch comes back untouched.
  • She's really into watching people play with play-doh on YouTube.
  • She's enjoying preschool. Her bff is a boy named Jacob. Apparently they do everything together.
  • She's quite the clumsy girl. She'll walk into walls and trip over everything and anything.
  • She loves Ava. She's been so good to her little sister.
  • Dad is probably her favorite person right now..then Ava..and then mom.
  • She loves jumping and climbing things. 
  • She has become quite the negotiator. 
  • She's not potty trained yet, but she's getting there. She'll go to the potty 1-2 times a day while at school. We'll probably wait for the next 3 day weekend and do some hardcore training so hopefully she'll be ready by then. 
  • She has become more adventurous. She'll randomly say "Hi" to strangers. Improvement!
Some of what Erin has been saying lately:
  • Lets hit the road!
  • What?..I can't hear you, say it louder.
  • One more time.
  • Because I want to.
  • Sure.
  • Say please.
  • Ava doesn't eat mama..she just eats boobie.
  • That's amazing!
  • How kool.
  • You did a great job!
  • Oh my gosh!
  • What the heck (Ken is to blame for this one).
  • Not chocolate?
  • Stop doing that (when she sees me picking at my skin).
  • I don't like that sound (shes scared of a lot of random things/sounds, door knock, fireworks).
And to finish this post..she's finally old enough to answer questions! Hooray! I'm going to ask her these questions every year around her birthday. Here are her current favs at the age of 3:

Color: Blue
Food: Rice
Dessert or Snack: Trader Joe's Cheese Puffs
Toy: Dollhouse
Fruit: Strawberry
Vegetable: Peas
Person: "Dad...and mom..oh and Ava!"
Friend: Jacob

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  1. If you're going to blame me for the "what the heck," you should take the blame for her fear of bugs. :)



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