3 1/2 Year Update - Erin

February 15, 2017

  • She is completely potty trained (including nighttime).
  • This girl talks non-stop. She has been using some funny words these days like: twinsies, gosh, silly, perfectly, totally, kinda, like... and she'll say: "how about this mom"(trying to reason),  "I want to tell you something", "look at your child", "it looks like a snake (while pointing at her poop)"...
  • She loves matching clothes with any one of us.
  • She moved up to the 3-4 year old preschool class. It's cheaper (score for us!).
  • She still loves/prefers Asian food.
  • Currently enjoys watching anything on Disney junior: Doc McStuffins, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First and PJ masks.
  • Jacob was her favorite friend till just recently when she told me that Addie is her favorite now. 
  • Favorite toys/activities: dollhouse, books, little/miniature things, blocks or any building toy, coloring/drawing.
  • Erin and Ava are actually playing together now. It's so cute, but now they're fighting over toys.
  • She calls Ava "Av" every now and then. She came up with that on her own. Funny girl. 
  • She loves to cuddle.
  • She's not so terrible anymore. Less meltdowns and better listening!
  • She enjoys helping out with everything (make food, laundry, clean). She'll get upset if we don't include her in our daily chores. 
  • Ms. Sassy Pants wants to do everything by herself and forces us to leave her alone (Brush her teeth, wash up, change clothes, etc).  She'll push us away and close her door to get some privacy.
  • She prefers uncles over aunties (Should I be concerned?).
  • She definitely feels heavier. Yay for finally gaining some weight!

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