Dear Future Me

March 17, 2017

Thought I'd start a little series of random thoughts/goals directed to future me. It'll be fun looking back at these posts and see what I can check off.


Dear Future Me (5+ years from now),

I'm sure a Disneyland pass is like a trillion dollars now, but I hope you've convinced Ken to get them for the family or at least got to go a few times? I bet there are tons of new crazy, kool rides!

You said you'd start running and exercising. I hope you got back some of your muscle mass and aren't huffing and puffing anymore going up and down the stairs.

Did baby #3 happen??

Erin best not have her own phone or whatever new electronic device there might be that people are completely fixated on.

Where have you traveled so far? Iceland, Korea, Japan, Sweden, all of the above??

You really really enjoy watching movies and I'm sure that hasn't changed, so I hope you've tried to go out and see at least 2 movies a year.

Hope you're telling your girls you love them a lot. I'm sure they've grown to become incredible little humans.

How's mom doing? Hopefully she has retired by now.

Also, both you and Ken work hard so please tell me you've taken a vacation sans kids. If not, go now.

With Love,

Your younger, not so put together, out of shape self

Must remember them like little and just so darn cute!

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