My Birth Story - Erin Montana Kim

January 9, 2015

(originally posted 1/15/15)

I've been meaning to write down my birth story. Thought it'd be nice to write it down while I can still sorta remember things. So where to begin..

I had a EDD of August 9, 2013. My pregnancy wasn't bad at all (first trimester was the worst) so I continued working full-time till the day I went into labor, which happened to be August 9, 2013. A week before my EDD, my Doctor told me that my fluid levels were looking lower than what she wanted to see so we decided to schedule inducing me. I was set to get induced August 9, 2013. The funny part was that on that day I felt what felt like kicks all day. I just assumed that it was the baby moving around, just being real active. But apparently I had been having contractions all day. I checked into the hospital around 10pm and they confirmed that I was indeed having contractions. We agreed that I would still get induced because I was not dilated at all. The doctor told me at this rate it might take over 24 hours till I'd get to start pushing. At 12am, I was getting petocin and was not looking forward to a long labor.

A few hours passed and I could start feeling pressure in my uterus and back. It wasn't too painful, just uncomfortable. By 4am, the contractions were getting more painful and I wasn't able to rest at all. The petocin intensified my contractions and sped up my labor, so I was dilating a lot faster than people were expecting. I was already almost 5 cm dilated by 4am. I asked for something for the pain so they gave me some painkillers through the IV. It was around 5am that I felt my water broke. After that, things progressed rather quickly. The contractions were getting worse and I was exhausted. That's when I decided I wanted an epidural. I got the epidural before 8am and I will admit, it felt good. I got to relax a little and just prepare myself for meeting this baby. It was only a few hours after that that I was fully dilated and ready for pushing. I'm not sure if they gave me less of the medication, but I could feel everything...just not the pain. I felt when my uterus was contracting and knew when to push and when not to (I was expecting to feel absolutely nothing). I started pushing around 11am and little Erin came out just before noon. Thinking my labor would be more than 24 hours, I was completely thrilled that it only lasted 12 hours! Although I was aiming for a drug free birth, I don't regret anything at all. Both mom and baby were healthy and happy.

Erin Montana Kim, Born: August 10, 2013; 6 lbs 11 oz

Some highlights I'd like to mention:

  • Seeing Ken's face when the baby came out. Priceless. I'm pretty sure he had to hold back his tears.
  • Holding Erin against my body for the first time.
** Did I mention I got a third degree tear. Not kool. But no hemorrhoids, Hooray!
**Oh, and I'd like to mention that a lot of the pain during labor was felt in my lower back *back labor). Was not expecting that.

Just a few days old. =)
(The giant and the princess)

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