What's currently in my diaper bag?

January 22, 2015

I've got a 17 month old right now. I still need to carry around a hefty diaper bag with lots of random things for the little one.
1. Spare clothes. My girl is quite messy, but what 17 month isn't? She's really into feeding herself right now which means more mess for mommy/daddy.
2. My go to snack, Plum Organics fruit bars.  Erin loves these fruit bars. I give her one of these If I know we're going to be eating a late meal. Keeps her happy and content.
3. Costco diaper wipes. I love these because they're unscented and they aren't too expensive. Gotta love costco.
4. Goldfish. All kids love goldfish. The crunchy with the saltiness, Erin loves them. These are especially great for when we're sitting in traffic.
5. Diaper changing pad. No explanation needed here.
6. Avent insulated straw cup. I've tried out a few other insulated cups but for some reason this was the one Erin and I liked best. It's a little on the heavier side, but it does the job. Keeps her milk cool and no leaking.
7. Diapers. I'm a pampers girl all the way. I've always had leaking problems with Huggies for some reason.

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