21-Month Update - Erin

May 19, 2015

My baby girl is 21 months! Can't believe she'll be two soon. I've got a mixture of feelings about that. Erin is a full blown toddler..not that she wasn't one before, but she's like a real human being now. There's just so much to her..it's crazy.

Loves to:
Spin around in circles
Put on her shoes and pants
Climb everything
Check herself out in the mirror

Pretending to cook (can only make bap (rice) and milk)
Doing everything by herself
Saying "no", "uh oh", "ow",  "look" and "stuck"
Going up and down the stairs by herself
Eating with no bib
Picking up leaves and smelling flowers
Drinking soup from the bowl with no spoon

Weight: 19 1/2 lbs
Height: 31 inches
Note: Still tiny =/

Food: She still loves her Korean food. She most definitely prefers Asian food over anything else. Girl has a major sweet tooth. We're hoping the sweets will fatten her up. Still not into fruit, but loves her veggies. She's still drinking lots of milk (thank goodness).

Sleep: She still ends up in our end at some point of the night. She's been having nightmares, so not sure if that's what has been waking her up, but Ken and I don't mind having her in bed with us (for now).

Personality: She's been getting more adventurous these days. She's climbing everything now, so we really need to keep a close eye on her. She's so longer deathly afraid of dogs. She'll actually approach them and try and pet them. I can tell she's opening up and isn't so closed off anymore to the people around her. She's doing this thing right now where she points out what is hers, what's mom's and what's Dada's. It's pretty darn cute. We got her a baby doll last Christmas, but she has only just started playing with it. She'll change the baby's diaper and take her to the potty. She's talking all the time and copying everything we do. They learn so fast!


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