Half Dome Proposal

May 27, 2015

I was proposed to exactly 3 years ago today! My how time flies! I thought it'd change it up and write a post about the other important person in my life. I never really got around to sharing my proposal story, so thought today would be a perfect time to share it.

My brother-in-law knew someone who was lucky enough to get a permit to hike Half Dome. I believe each permit is good for 6 people. Ken and I were able to join my BIL and his friends for the hike. (You're only able to hike this if you have a permit- which you have to request in advance). The hike is about 14 miles round trip (or maybe 16? 17? I forget) with an ending elevation of almost 9,000 ft. The weather was perfect because it had rained the day before so there were CLEAR skies the day of the hike and it wasn't hot at all. We started the hike at around 4:00am and finished around 6:00pm. For those of you who have hiked Half Dome know it isn't an easy task. The hike up is challenging, but the hike down is even worse (at least in my opinion).

I could tell Ken was acting strange the entire time hike up. He didn't really talk to me and it seemed like a lot was on his mind. Oh and I'd like to mention that my mom had already spoiled the fact that Ken had asked her for permission to marry me...so I knew it was coming (just didn't know when). But even though I knew it was coming, I was still so shocked when he did finally propose. Funny part was that the ring didn't even fit me! My fingers were all swollen from the elevation. Hah. My BIL was ready with a camera capturing the whole thing. The pictures came out perfect.

Like I was mentioning before, the hike down was pretty brutal. So brutal I practically forgot I was engaged. I definitely wasn't all peppy and excited anymore. Ken was a little sad about that, but what girl has to hike down 7+ miles after getting proposed to.. right??! I just remember that my only concern was to get down the mountain and didn't want to waste any time talking. But once we made it down, I think that's when it finally started to hit me. I finally had some service on my phone and I was able to make it official by telling my friends and family. What an adventure!

I remember that while he was proposing, I wasn't really filled with tears or anything (I thought for sure I would cry) because I think I was more overwhelmed/shocked with what was actually happening and all the people behind us watching and cheering didn't help. But, I did almost burst out crying when I made it back home to find my friends and family waiting to congratulate and celebrate our engagement with us. I was totally surprised. Smart move Ken! I'm sure if you ask Ken for his version of the proposal, his story will be quite different. Apparently, he was nervous as heck about the fact that he was hiking up a mountain with an engagement ring in his bag. Guys do get it tough having to propose..it's so nerve-wrecking! But, so thankful for all the thought and love behind it all!

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