Erin's 2 year update

August 14, 2015

Erin is two!

Goodness, the year flew by. We threw Erin a little panda birthday party at home. We had family come over for some dinner and dessert. Of course she had no idea what was going on. She didn't even know what to do with the candles. But, when she's older, she can look at pictures and see what a fun 2nd birthday she had. Here a few pics from the party:


2 Year Update

2 Year Stats
Height: 32 3/4 inches (28%)
Weight: 20.7 lbs. (0%)  <------ girl is not gaining weight

She currently hates brushing her teeth or rather hates it when we brush it for her. She's really adamant about doing everything herself, but she obviously doesn't know how to properly brush her teeth yet. I'd say her favorite "toy" is her baby doll. She is constantly changing her diaper, feeding her and taking her to the potty. She got a new kitchen so she's cooking food all the time and giving baby baths in the kitchen sink. She's obsessed with only the Elmo diapers. Ken and I have discovered that our child is a complete copycat, which is pretty normal for this age. We just need to be extra cautious about the things we do and say now (more so me). Whenever I raise my voice or yell, she'll look at me, pointing..saying "no, no, no!".

She's talking all the time. It's amazing how many words she knows now. She recently learned uncle and is now calling every man "uncle", even her grandpa and cousin.  Her counting consists of just the number 3. How old are you? "3!" How many birds do you see? "3!". She's also saying "ME!" all the time. Do you need help? "ME?" Whose is this? "ME!" Can you say Erin? "ME!" The biggest milestone for Erin is that she's now in a toddler bed! My big girl! Although recently, Erin has been going through a weird sleep funk and is having trouble sleeping in her room.

Our biggest struggle with this age has been Erin's growing disobedience. We can tell she's testing us out so she hasn't been a very good listener. We hear Erin saying "No" a lot. Oh, and there has been a lot of unnecessary whining. We've had plenty of stare downs, with me/Ken telling her "No" and her staring at us and not listening. I hope this phase doesn't last too long. However, we haven't had many meltdowns as of late (score!). Another struggle has been her eating or to be more specific, her inability to gain weight. She actually eats decently. Like every kid her age, it comes in waves. But, even though she eats decently, she hasn't been gaining any weight. She's not even on the charts. I'm just hoping she'll just wake up one of these days 5 pounds heavier. We're going to have to put a stick of butter in everything she eats.

It's been such a joy watching Erin grow...mentally, physically, etc. She's always surprising me everyday. I still can't believe she's two! I love coming home and getting big hugs from her and I love forcing her to cuddle with me. She's such a silly goofball and I love that about her.  There have been plenty of rough times this year, but it's been such a great learning experience suffering and overcoming it all. It's such a blessing being her mom and I'm so thankful for my daughter. I can't wait to see how she changes with each year!

Food: She's been eating a lot better these last few months. She still loves her rice and sweets. She's finally eating some fruit now! Oh, and she definitely prefers Gelato over Ice Cream.
Toy: Her baby doll, Mr. Bunny, kitchen supplies.
Book: I am Rosa Parks and Little Pea
TV Show: Curious George
Things to do: jump, cook, play with water, read books

I can't wait till Erin's old enough to answer these favorite interview questions for herself. This will be a good way to see how her responses change as she gets older.

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