Bump update - First Trimester Recap

August 5, 2015

I wish I wrote about what my first trimester was like during my first pregnancy. I just remember that I felt sick all the time and didn't want to eat anything. I lost about 10 pounds during that time and food really didn't seem appetizing to me at all during my entire pregnancy. Pregnancy #2 has been a little different. Here's a little comparison chart.

I felt quite nauseous this time around, but I never needed to throw up. No dramatic weight loss this time. I had tons of headaches and although I wanted to eat food, nothing tasted good to me. I had that lingering metallic/sour taste in my mouth (didn't experience with my first). Not kool. Sour candy and mints were my best friends.

Before I took a pregnancy test, there were a few things I noticed that seemed a little off. I was so tired. So tired that I'd sleep at 8:30pm or 9:00pm. Very unusual. Second sign was the bloating. No matter what I ate or what I was doing, I kept feeling bloated, which isn't something I have a problem with. So the day before my expected period, I took a pregnancy test and confirmed my suspicions...I was indeed pregnant. The bloating continued throughout most of the first trimester. During week 5, I experienced a 48 hour period of terrible (TERRIBLE) stomach pain. I'm still not sure if it was actually due to the pregnancy or whether it was because I ate something my stomach didn't like. For most of the first trimester, food always left my stomach feeling terrible. I had the struggle of wanting to eat but not wanting to be in pain. At around 12 weeks, I started to feel SO much better. The nausea, stomach pain and headaches went away. I still can't eat as much as I normally would/could (I feel full a lot faster), but at least I have an appetite and actually want to eat. I'm definitely showing a lot more than I did with Erin. See below:

     20 weeks (Erin) v. 14 weeks (Baby #2)

The mornings have been a little tough because its just me and Erin. It takes me a little longer to get the morning started and it's hard keeping up with Erin while I'm not feeling 100% myself. I know it will only get harder as the pregnancy progresses. I'm laying down more often and Erin's always telling me to get up or she's physically trying to drag me up. She's got a lot more energy now that she's older and she really wants that interaction with someone. This is why I think having a sibling will work out great for her (hopefully). I'm currently about 16 weeks and I'm feeling good. Hopefully I continue to feel like this the entire pregnancy.

Will Erin have a little bro or little sis?? We find out next month! Stay tuned.

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