Baby Registry the 2nd Time Around

October 2, 2015

My baby registry this time around only consists of two items. It helps that we're having another girl because we basically have everything else already. We're definitely saving some money, at least for the time being.
1. Double stroller
These dang double strollers are expensive! I wish I could just get my stroller right now and tape it to another one. I've done some research on double strollers and I think I'm leaning towards the Britax B-Agile or the Baby Jogger City Mini (we have the baby jogger city mini single stroller right now and I love it). These strollers are pretty similar. They've got a similar look/style, are on the lighter side, easy to maneuver and fold, and are quite spacious (After doing research on double strollers, I realized I'm not a big fan of the tandem strollers).

2. Manual Breast Pump
This was something I realized I needed when I had Erin, but never got around to buying. I'm definitely getting this one this time around. I left my double breast pump at work because I pumped the most there. I rarely took it home because it was such a pain taking it back and forth. I had some desperate moments of needing to pump and not having a pump.

**Diapers and wipes are not on my list because it's pretty obvious they are a must! Will always be needing diapers and wipes, so can't have too much of them! Hopefully Erin will be potty trained by the time the baby is here so we won't have to buy double the diapers/wipes.

I'll have to wait till the baby arrives to see if there are still some things I forgot about and actually need. Less than 4 months to go! Can't wait to meet baby Ava. =)

I leave you with this..Erin's becoming such a character.

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