Bump Update - 2nd Trimester Recap

October 16, 2015

The second trimester is my favorite time (for the most part). I'm over the being/feeling sick phase and I'm not all that big yet. I'm able to eat food again and there isn't much of a dramatic weight gain during this time so I can still do pretty much everything. Like my first pregnancy, this second pregnancy had a very positive second trimester.

The only real complaints I have during this time are due to the following:
  1. I like to call this period my "awkward looking weeks (weeks 12-25 to be exact)". I remember I hated wearing clothes during this phase with Erin and I feel the same with this pregnancy. During the second trimester, I'm bigger so I don't quite fit into my regular clothes anymore, but I'm also not quite big enough to fit nicely into maternity clothes. Maternity clothes run so big, so it's been such a challenge finding reasonably priced pieces that actually fit. A lot of women turn to dresses and skirts during their pregnancy, but I'm not really a dress kind of girl to begin with, so that was another struggle in itself. I also need to wear professional work attire during the week, so that has also been a challenge trying to find work clothes that look nice and fit well. 
  2. Charley Horse: These things are so painful! I rarely get them when I'm not pregnant (can't remember the last time I got one before being pregnant), but I get them maybe a handful of times while pregnant and it'll usually start around my second trimester. Not kool. It'll happen in the middle of the night and sometimes they're so painful, I'm sore for a few days. I definitely do not enjoy it in any way.
I'm 26 weeks along now and I'll be entering the 3rd trimester soon. My belly is definitely growing and I'm slowly filling up my maternity clothes. yay! Little Ava is moving around all the time, kicking and having hiccups. I told myself I'd take a belly photo every week, but of course I haven't been doing that. I'm so bad at documenting my growing bell. Oh well, maybe for the next one!

A few photos of life lately:

(She has officially transitioned to her toddler bed. No regressions for over 5 weeks. Big girl. Oh and sleeping through the night!)

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