Pregnancy Bucket List (wall crawl)

January 14, 2016

There was one thing I wanted to do while I was pregnant. I wanted to get pictures of pregnant me with walls around the LA county area. I didn't realize how many cool walls there were. I also wanted to use this "wall crawl" as a way to document my growing belly with the added bonus of having a colorful background. I didn't get to visit all the walls I wanted, but here are the results:

20 Weeks

22 Weeks

25 Weeks
29 Weeks
32 Weeks

39 weeks

This will be my last post for a little while. I'm about 39 weeks now and Baby Ava could come any day. It's going to be so different once I become a mother of two, once we become a family of four! I think Erin is exciting about the arrival of her little sister, but we'll see what she thinks once Ava is actually here..for good.

To end this post, I wanted to jot down a list of things that I wanted to do this new year.
  1. I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas. I want to master making macarons and donuts by the end of this year. Should be fun.
  2. Potty train Erin. 
  3. Be more patient. I thought I was a pretty patient person before having kids. Hah. Kids really do test your patience and I'm going to need a lot more of it with 2 kids this year.
  4. Travel more. Even if its short trips somewhere close by, just getting out and seeing new things will be fun (with or without kids). Doesn't have to be anything expensive or extravagant.
  5. Save more. I realized a lot of my shopping this past year was for Erin and with another baby coming, I don't want to go too crazy with buying all sorts of baby stuff. It's going to be tough (baby things are just so darn cute), but got to focus on saving a little more.

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