December 31, 2015

We wanted to go on a little vacation before the arrival of baby Ava, but it had to be somewhere drive-able. We were considering Las Vegas, but decided that Legoland would be a better place for Erin. We spent two nights in Carlsbad so we didn't have to rush and could take our time. Turned out to be more than enough time for us. We had time to visit the outlets as well. I've been to Legoland once before when I was in high school, but it was the first time for both Ken and Erin.

Planning tips:
  1. Prices at the Legoland hotel are pretty outrageous, so we booked a hotel (Courtyard Marriot) about 2 miles away and shuttled (free) it to the theme park each day. 
  2. We bought park hopper passes through Ken's work (roughly $72/per adult), so we were able to visit the Aquarium as well. You will save money this way. Buying at the park is pretty ridiculous so make sure you purchase tickets ahead of time. They charge $93 per adult at the door (only for one park and for one day)!
  3. Bring snacks. The food there isn't all that tasty and it's overpriced. If no snacks, bring your own water/drinks at least.
My thoughts about Legoland:
  • Besides it being freezing cold while we were there, overall, it was a decent experience. I think Disneyland spoiled us. I had high expectations or something. Legoland is a very different type of theme park. It was definitely less crowded, not as clean or friendly, but super chill. 
  • I'd say the ideal age to bring a kid to Legoland is between 4-12. Erin was a little too young, but I think she still had some fun. She was just tall enough to ride on the little kid rides (34 inches). There are a lot of areas for children to just run around and free play with legos everywhere.  I liked that aspect of the park.
  • I only have one food recommendation, Granny's Apple Fries. Other than that, there's really nothing special or tasty at Legoland. 
  • Miniland is pretty awesome. They've got a Star Wars Miniland that is pretty darn cool. 
  • We stayed mostly in Heartlake City and Fun Town. It was the most age appropriate for Erin. Warning: there will be tons of kids just running around.  
  • Because it was still considered the holiday season, they had fake snow and some holiday performances. Erin enjoyed it.
  • The aquarium is very small. Took us maybe an hour to get through it. 
  • They advertise a firework show at night during the holiday season, but it's literally a maybe 3 minute show and it's nothing special at all. If you end up going during the holidays, I wouldn't recommend sticking around for it. Oh and during winter, the park closes at 7pm. A little too early in my opinion. 
  • Would we go again anytime soon? No, probably not. I don't mind waiting another 5+ years before going back. I think Erin and Ava would enjoy it a lot more when they're older. 
  • I'd also like to mention that Legoland isn't all that fun for adults. Or maybe it's just me??

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