Goodbye LA, Hello OC

June 3, 2016

We did it. We are homeowners!

These two kiddos get their own room. Hoorayy! (Not that it really makes a difference..they've both been sleeping in our room lately)

There was a lot of contemplating and going back and forth about whether it was the right time, but we decided it was. We knew we always wanted to end up in Orange County, LA just had too many cons. We didn't look for too long when we found a place in Yorba Linda we liked. We put in an offer, it got accepted and things progressed smoothly. Yorba Linda is a great city, especially for the girls...quiet and excellent school district. Lots of changes to come, but very excited (and sorta nervous) about it!

*Moving with 2 kids is going to be a real pain (we move this month and haven't started packing yet), but its nice to know we're moving into a place we can call our own now. Yorba Linda, get ready...the Kims are coming!

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