Planning Erin's 3rd Birthday

June 16, 2016

This year's theme is: Batman.
(I let her pick this year's birthday party theme. It was between: Clifford or Batman. Batman was the winner)

Her obsession started sometime last year. Erin inherited some clothes from her older boy cousin and one of the items included a Batman shirt. She took quite the liking to it and would ask to wear it all the time. I eventually started getting her a few more pieces of Batman inspired clothing. She loved it.

The Color Palette: Monochrome with hints of pink

My Inspiration:

There are so many cute ideas out there for throwing a Batman themed party. I actually ordered the pink Batman cape/mask (top left picture) for Erin. I'm sure she'll love wearing it around.

I had lots of fun designing the birthday invitation. Final product:

A few months ago, I told Erin when her birthday is... so now she goes around telling everyone her birthday is "August 10!" and tells them it's going to be a Batman party. She actually understands whats going on this time and it's great that I can get opinions from her now too. Can't believe I'm going to have a 3 year old...crazy!

Stay tuned!

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