Erin starts Preschool!

July 8, 2016

There have been a lot of changes since our big move to Orange County. New home in a new city/county, new daycare for Ava, and Erin started preschool. I was actually quite nervous about this transition for Erin. She was so happy at her daycare. She would always talk about her friends and it was so sad when she had to say goodbye to all of them that last day (sad for me mostly because I don't think Erin realized what this particular goodbye meant). I was nervous about what it would be like for Erin to make new friends and go from a free play setting to a more structured setting. Also,  if you've ever met Erin, you'll know she's a little shy/quiet and a bit fearful. But to my surprise, there were no tears her first day! She didn't cry at all or give us a hard time. She willingly went into the arms of her new teacher. She has really come a long way. Had we sent her to preschool just 6 months prior, I'm positive there would've been tears. Erin has grown so much these past few months. She's becoming more extroverted and adventurous. It's been just a few weeks into preschool, but it seems like Erin is really enjoying it. The teachers say she's doing really well. Apparently she gets along with everyone and is a great listener (she's totally a bad listener at home). It's cute when Erin tries to tell us about her day (I can only understand about 80% of it and she gets SO frustrated when I can't understand her). She's making new friends (still hasn't remembered all their names so sometimes she refers to them as "that person" and "that other person"). I'm so proud of her. Gosh, she's getting so big so fast!

Our mornings have definitely become more hectic now. We need to make sure Erin eats a good breakfast before heading out, I have to make Erin's lunch and we make two drop-offs now. But during the chaos of the mornings, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic...thinking back on how little and different Erin was and seeing how much my little girl has grown. In the blink of an eye, Ava will be right there too!

My girls.

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