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July 13, 2016

Lunch isn't part of the tuition at Erin's preschool. Either you pay $4/day for lunch or you bring your own. $4 sounded like a lot of money so I'm packing Erin's lunch everyday. I researched a lot about which lunch box would be best for Erin. I didn't want anything too bulky or hard to open. It was between the planetbox and the yumbox. In the end, yumbox won. I really like the yumbox. It's super helpful having different compartments that are different sizes.

It's not easy getting her lunches ready each morning. I want to make sure she has plenty to eat, which means each lunch has to be carefully thought out. Gotta try to make it as well balanced as possible, giving her a little bit of everything. Here's a little of what Erin has been eating for lunch.

Grilled cheese, yogurt raisins, teddy grahams, peaches and blueberries, edamame

Pork cutlet with sauce, Hawaiian bread with cheese, mixed veggies, strawberries and blueberries, half of a chocolate chip cookie
Alfredo shell pasta with chicken, crackers with cheese, broccoli and carrots, kiwi and grapes, chocolate covered blueberries

Pizza (olives and sausages), carrots with cheese, strawberries and blueberries, teddy grahams, Korean snack
Turkey/cream cheese sandwich, cheese w/ crackers, carrots, grapes and blueberries, mini oreos
Vodka sauce pasta with bacon, broccoli and carrots, kiwi and blueberries, cheese, and cookies
Grilled chicken (w/ ketchup), pretzels and cheese, broccoli/potato stars (Dr. Praegers), grapes, carrots and snap peas

On average Erin has been leaving at least a third (if not more sometimes) of her lunch leftover. Funny part is she starts finishing her lunch as soon as we get home. Silly girl. So far her favorites have been obviously the snacks, pizza, and anything with chicken. She's not a big fan of sandwiches (with the exception of grilled cheese) so I try not to make it too often.

We'll have to see how things change as the months go by. I'm hoping she starts eating more (I think she's a grazer like me) and I'm sure it will be different as she becomes more opinionated and her food preferences continue to change. She's already telling me what she wants me to put her in lunch. It's cute that at this age she gets excited about her lunches. I wonder at what age it won't be as exciting and she'll want to buy lunch instead. Gosh, I wish I could spy in on her during her lunchtime!

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