November 22, 2016

  • I turned 30 last week, which means Ken and I are finally in the same decade. Hehe
  • Ava has had 2 colds in less than a month. Her sleep at night has been CRAY.
  • Erin has been really into singing these days. Itsy Bitsy and Ring Around the Rosie is on repeat like all the time. Hah. She can sing the same song for 20 minutes straight.
  • I only just recently realized how OCD Erin is.
  • Ava is 10 months and not crawling, but she's an eating machine. Current favs: Noosa yogurt, rice and soup, cottage cheese with jam, toast with cream cheese, puffs, eggs and pasta.
  • Ken and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage this month! It actually falls on Thanksgiving day this year.  
  • I'm currently really into the show, Designated Survivor. So good. 
  • It's going to be Christmas in a month! 
  • My postpartum baby hairs are looking real wild. Ugh. 

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