18-month Update - Erin

February 10, 2015

Already 18 months old! Her second birthday will be here in no time. CRAZY.
Not too much has changed with Erin since her 17-month update. 

Sleep: Still co-sleeping about 80% of the time. She's been waking up in the middle of the night these days insisting to play. Don't know why she's waking up, but she has such a hard time going back to sleep afterwards. This means no good nights rest for momma.

Eat: Erin has been eating well lately. She's almost 19 lbs (she's still pretty tiny in general)! Unfortunately, she got terribly sick and hasn't eaten much in the last week. Hopefully she starts eating well again and gains back her weight. 

Words: She knows how to say "oh no"  and "ow" now. It's pretty cute because she always says them in such a dramatic way. 

Play: She's really into balls, balloons and bubbles right now. 

Milestones: She has mastered walking backwards!


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