Mommy and Mini

February 27, 2015

I love Zara. My love for Zara started when I entered the work force and needed business casual attire. Zara has basic pieces with neural colors which works perfectly with my style. I don't do much accessorizing and I don't really wear much color. You'll see me wearing a lot of blacks, grays, blues, whites and stripes (I love stripes). So naturally of course, that's what I put on Erin. I discovered Zara's adorable children's clothing line while I was pregnant. They have the cutest clothes. It's basically all the adult clothes made smaller and anything that's small/mini is just way cuter.

Here are some cute pieces at Zara right now:

I've been looking around for a cute white dress and found this one:

This look is for mommy and son. 


Here are some other pieces I really like that I found at places other than Zara: 

1. HM Jacket/ Old Navy Jacket 2. Whistle & Flute T-shirts 3. Vans 4. H&M Women's Jeans/ Kids Jeans

I wonder what kind of style Erin will have when she gets to the age of wanting to choose what to wear herself. Right now, she could care less about what I put on her, so I'm milking it. The only issue she has at the moment is with what shoes I put on her. She prefers wearing shoes that require socks. It takes a lot of convincing and a lot of brute force to put cute sandals or flats on her. 

Here are a few of my fav shoes that we have right now.

1. Minnetonka 2. Salt water sandal 3. Nike
These are on my wish list. I've been eying these babies for a while now. They always run out of Erin's size! They're just so cute (but kinda expensive).

So...until Erin starts rejecting the clothes I put on her, we'll be twinning it as often as possible. yippee!

Here's a cute one of the princess and giant. Matching T's for father's day. =)


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