Miss Bossy Pants

June 3, 2015

We got ourselves a bossy little girl. Not sure who she gets that from..maybe it's an oldest/only child thing? I know I wasn't bossy. I wonder if Ken was a bossy kid (he's the oldest in his family). She's been making us follow her wherever she goes, forces us to get up when we're lying down (she's literally dragging us), has us jump when she jumps, force feeds us, sing a song, dance with her or has us stop dancing...the list goes on. Sometimes I look at her and smile because it's kind of cute how her personality is developing and other times I'm like "ew, go away." hah. I hear that at daycare she gets pretty bossy too (so its not just at home with us). She'll have some of the older kids follow her around and do what she says. There was one boy who would comply for a short while, but soon realized he wasn't having any fun and told Erin he didn't want to "play" with her anymore. haha. No sure what her bossy-like personality will blossom into as she gets older...but I hope it's not going to be a big parenting challenge. I guess you still have to remember to keep your kid grounded (even at the young age of two) and remind them that they aren't the boss and though it's cute, we as parents need to ensure that they listen just as well as they lead.

Erin has also been in a very "I want to do it!" kind of mood these past few months. Erin can't do everything by herself yet, but it's nice seeing the independence kicking in. She's generally a very dependent person. She doesn't do much on her own, always has to have either me or Ken with her and has us do things for her. She still prefers to stay by our side..but she's been pushing herself out of that comfort zone. She insists on going up and down stairs unassisted and she climbs up and down chairs on her own. She'll start exploring new places on her own and wave hi to strangers. She's playing by herself more often now too. Apparently these days she doesn't want Ken to hold her and take her to the car when he picks her up from daycare. She just acknowledges him, walks past him and starts heading for the car on her own. She won't be carried to bed anymore either..she'll walk herself to her room now. Sad and cute at the same time. But with the new sense of independence comes more of the meltdowns. She'll cry when we won't her let do something she obviously can't do by herself. Silly kid. My mornings with Erin have been quite delayed. It takes double the time getting out the door because she insists on doing everything herself. I have to sit and wait while she attempts to put her socks/pants on (she fails each time), walk down the stairs to the kitchen, attempts putting on her shoes (about 75% of time, each shoe will be on the wrong foot) and then finally walking down the stairs to the car. I stand there thinking, "Can you please move faster??" hehe. My little girl ain't so little no more!

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