Planning Erin's 2nd Birthday

June 30, 2015

After throwing a huge party for Erin's first birthday, we decided we wanted her 2nd birthday to be small and intimate (and cheaper). We're just inviting our immediate family over for some dinner and cake. But I still wanted to send out an invitation and decorate. The theme for her 2nd birthday will be: Pandastic! She has been into pandas for some time now, so I thought she'd enjoy a panda themed birthday party.

I made some panda themed birthday invitations:

I had Ken take pictures of Erin. The pictures turned out great, so I plan on sending them along with the invitation. Here are a few of my favorites:

In terms of decorations..I'll be keeping it simple. Mostly black and white colored things. I'll get some balloons, party hats for the guests to wear, I'll be giving out some panda chocolates/cookies as favors as well as the temp tattoos I made. To keep up with the Panda theme, we'll be getting food catered from Panda Express (yum!) and for dessert, we plan to get a yummy cake from Porto's or maybe even Whole Foods. I'm sure Erin won't remember any of this, but it's fun planning things like this for her.

We'll see how it all turns out. Stay tuned! (Can't believe she'll be two in just a little over a month!)

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