Walking down the Aisle

June 9, 2015

Erin attended her 2nd wedding this past weekend. She was also able to participate in the wedding this time around. It was her first flower girl gig! Ken and I were a little nervous. We were sure Erin would have a meltdown or freeze in fear. But, Erin did so well! There were no tears. It helped that there was another flower girl (who btw was so well-behaved and good) walking down the aisle with her and I made sure to bring some lollipops. The lollipops were key. I waited at the end of the aisle, waving the lollipops so Erin could see them. Sure enough, she bolted down the aisle, dragging the other flower girl with her. She walked right up to me and grabbed the lollipop. Success! The lollipop kept her pretty busy throughout the ceremony. We sat at the end of the row just in case she had a yelling/screaming moment. She was only 14 months when she attended her first wedding and she wasn't able to sit through it at all. Ken had to take her outside and let her walk around. They missed the whole ceremony. I'm glad to see that with age, Erin is able to somewhat sit through a 35 minute wedding ceremony (but only when she has things to keep her occupied, i.e. snacks). 

My little girl is getting so big!

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