Ava - 18 Month Update

July 21, 2017

Baby girl is 18 months! She has been learning so much these days...I forget how much kids soak up at this age.
  • Ava is walking around everywhere. She's trying to run, but she's still pretty clumsy.
  • She copies everything Erin does. 
  • She loves to eat fruit, tofu, yogurt, rice, cheese and any smoothie pack (yes..no meat). It's extremely challenging getting her to eat anything else.
  • She's really into playing with baby dolls and buckles.
  • She's always wanting to hold Erin's hand, but Erin doesn't like to. 
  • She doesn't like the ergo. 
  • She's talking a lot. She can say: Dad, apple, bubble, uh-oh, please, thank you and much more (but still no Mom)! She's really loud and yells too.
  • She sleeps well at night and will usually take 1 nap.
  • She's such a funny/goofy kid and she has this cute little crooked smile. She's seriously such a character!
  • She's quite fearless in that she likes to try new things, climb things, etc. without hesitation.
  • The meltdowns have started and shes a screamer.
  • Current fav person: Mom.

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