Lake Tahoe 2017

August 2, 2017

We survived! We took the girls to Lake Tahoe last month. We camped for two nights and lodged for two nights. My last experience camping was when Erin was 11 months and it wasn't all too positive, so naturally I was hesitant to take two toddlers on this week long trip. The girls did great on the drive up. We left at 10:00pm so they slept for most of the 8.5 hour drive. Mad props to Ken for driving the entire time!

Ava is our good sleeper, but only when she's in her own room and by herself. I was most concerned about how she'd sleep, but she actually ended up sleeping pretty decently minus one night. No sleeping issues with Erin. She probably loved that we all were sleeping together (she prefers sleeping with people). The kids played with dirt, sand and water all week, which meant they were pretty much filthy the entire time we were there. That was probably the most challenging part on my end (my inner clean freak was flipping out). They had sap all over them, sand in their hair (and plenty of other places), had black finger nails, and so on. But the girls loved it. Hah. I loved that they wandered off exploring, playing with nature and just spent most of the week outdoors. Oh and the weather was perfect! The lodging portion would've been fine had we not discovered a bat living in our rental. We spent almost 2 hours trying to get rid of the bat. We ended up finding another place to sleep the last night of our trip.

Overall the trip turned out well. We had some days with super cranky, overly tired kids. Plenty of meltdowns and a super clingy Ava, but I could tell the girls enjoyed it, especially Erin. Erin was the perfect age. She had tons of fun running around with the other kids and she even hiked a whole mile on her own! As for me, I'm not a huge beach person, and most of the time there was spent at the beach (which makes sense) but I'd def. want to do some other outdoor activities if we were to go again. Maybe some rock climbing, boating or even mountain biking? I wouldn't object to going back in a few years when Ava is older. This way both girls can join in on the activities and there will be less naps to worry about.

An important tip for a smooth camping experience with toddlers:
  1. Bring snacks - lots of them!
I just have the one tip, but it's a very important one! Camping usually means mealtimes will be delayed. I brought 3 big bags full of snacks and the girls finished most of it. Ava is a pretty picky so I knew she wouldn't eat 80% of the food there, so I brought things I knew she'd eat. Her diet that week consisted of yogurt, cheese, fruit, rice and tofu. Erin didn't eat a ton, but at least she's not as picky. Goodness, will my children ever be good eaters?!

A few photos from our trip:


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